1. benevolentblackgirl:

    these types of things are my favorite

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  2. "He’s devastated me but he’s also made me happier than I’ve ever been."

    Blair Waldorf (via perfect)

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  3. Ultimate Dasey Moments 3/3

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  4. thechurchofbobsaget:

    I think “dildo” is a perfectly acceptable insult. Like, I’d call you a dick but you’re not real enough.

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  5. eglads:

    can’t stop drawing rude foxes

    stickers and shirts on [redbubble]

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  6. Tomorrowwwwww:

    Lunch: Salad with balsamic dressing

    Snack: Blueberry toast

    Dinner: Pinto Beans

    Snack: Popcorn

  7. "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."

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